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Our Mission Statement

Our artistic and creative business aims to offer the best service to our family of patrons. One of our goals-to bring art, relaxation, self-esteem and family back into an individual's lifestyle. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and will do 'what it takes' to make our customers happy. There are no rules getting in the way of our ability to get or attempt to create what our customers desire, want, or need.

An example of our goal: A special situation (such as delivery requirements, set-up for your special day, after-hours' service, modifications to our pieces, or embellishments), please contact us -- we want to work with you!   

Company History

 Imperial Ceramics, located in the Gateway Plaza at 1621 Warwick Ave., Warwick, RI 02889,  was established in May, 2001. Our doors opened to the public in June, 2001.

We opened to class time and instruction for creating dinnerware, kitchen accessories, decorative household wants/needs (clocks, lamps, plaques, statues, picture frames, memorabilia, remembrances,etc.), and children's crafts and birthday parties. 

We tried to create an atmosphere of fun-filled, quiet relaxation...whether through music, movies, or just conversation. Food and drink is allowed (non-alcoholic, of course).

Wedding parties (the bride and her 'court') have come in to meet, sit, and create favors and centerpieces for the 'Special Day' . We guide as needed. We have worked with many florists in RI and MA, creating beautiful and memorable items. We also create these items with artificial flowers for a longer lasting effect. 

In February of 2004, it became a sole proprietorship as a family unit with a creative, inventive mother and two very talented, artistic daughters. We have continued with our previous practices and added more...Baby showers, Birthday Parties, After-school Programs, Senior Center affiliations supplying greenware and bisque, Senior Center program at Pilgrim Sr. Center, Daycare Facilities, DARE Programs, RI Boys' & Girls' Scouts Troops, Family Nights at local area schools, and Summer Campgrounds Ceramic Clubs. We also supply greenware/Bisque to other local ceramacists.

Our latest Weddings were at theVenus de Milo  in Swansea, MA...Glistening White Angels/Cherubs hanging from chandeliers dangling over the tables and enhancing the cake table under amber lighting; and, Custom-painted Natural Angels with Blonde, Brunnett, Redhead and Black tresses embellished by glittering angel dust which complimented the bridal party. They also dangled from Chandeliers.

We are extremely goal oriented!  One example of our goal-oriented customer service: a Ceramic Outdoor Skunk Family was delivered to an indoor human family in New Hampshire by us...yes, we drove all the is all about a happy customer and their extended family...we try to go above and beyond. 

The easiest way to find us is by looking for either Mousie's Deli orSpike's Junkyard Dogs they are on either side of us in Gateway Plaza.

If you come in to paint with us, or just to browse,  you will either run into Linda, Kerri, or Kim. We are the family members who currently operate this studio. 

Customer testimonials


I love imperial ceramics. 
"This is a great shop with a great staff! If your looking for something to do in RI..check out their ceramic shop. Fun, friendly and laid back. If you've never done ceramics before...they'll teach you all you want to know. "

2006-01-29 by chefchipmunk2003 at Yahoo!

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